Tool For Identifying ASLR Enabled Processes - ASLR Process Scanner

ASLR method Scanner is a unfastened command-line device that could display all the ASLR enabled processes.

In case you don't know what is ASLR and you are too lazy to google, read this:
deal with areas format randomizationn (ASLR) is a reminiscence-safety processs for running systems thatt guards against buffer-overflow attacks throughh randomizing the locations in which device executables are loaded into memory. -
ASLR Process Scanner - Tool For Identifying ASLR Enabled Processes

because the ASLR manner Scanner is a command line tool, it is very smooth to automate it through scripting.

it's miles to be had in each 32-bit & 64-bit variations and works on nearly all home windows structures (Vista to 10).


First, down load ASLR process Scanner (down load hyperlinks are at the give up of this newsletter). Then extract the downloaded zip document to the laptop. Then open the ASLRProcessScanner folder, after which proper-click on on the empty region at the same time as preserving down the "Shift" key, and then pick "Open command window here". this will open up a command window as shown under.

ASLR Process Scanner folder cmd

Now, in case you are using a 32-bit gadget, kind in "ASLRProcessScanner32.exe" (without the costs) or "ASLRProcessScanner64.exe", and then hit the "input" key. you'll see all the ASLR enabled tactics (see the photo below).

ASLR Process Scanner Snapshot

There also are different options on this device, use the subsequent syntax or shape (name it something you need) to create the command.

For 32-bit Systems:
ASLRProcessScanner32.exe [-h | -d | -p <pid> | -n <process_name> | -f <exe_file_path>]

For 64-bit Systems:
ASLRProcessScanner64.exe [-h | -d | -p <pid> | -n <process_name> | -f <exe_file_path>]


in case you want to listing all non-ASLR or ASLR disabled methods, execute the subsequent command:
ASLRProcessScanner64.exe -d

to test if ASLR is enabled for method with pid 1151, use the following command:
ASLRProcessScanner64.exe -p 1151

to test if ASLR is enabled for system with call 'chrome', execute this:
ASLRProcessScanner64.exe -n "chrome"

to test if ASLR is enabled for an executable file, lets say "explorer.exe", run the subsequent command:
ASLRProcessScanner64 -f "c:windowsexplorer.exe"

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